Spiral Let-Down Chutes Install

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Spiral let-down chutes, also called gravity chutes, are commonly used to quickly and easily move a product downward in a controlled manner to minimize or eliminate product breakage. Many of these chutes are installed in bins for the purpose of filling the bin “damage-free.” There are no moving parts, no motors, and these spirals last for years and years with virtually no maintenance.

50′ Spiral Let-Down Chute"<yoastmarks

In this case, the client already had some bins with spiral chutes installed. They were expanding and needed more storage and chutes. Astro was approached with hand drawn sketches, overall dimensions, and desired flow rate. Three 50 foot chutes were needed. In addition, each chute was to be built in the full 50 foot length.

4′ Wide Diameter Chutes

With an overall diameter just over four feet wide, these were among the largest chutes we have built. There are lips on both the inside and outside of the chute to keep product contained. All welding is continuous and accomplished with a very neat MIG weld by using Fronius welding machines. However, no grinding was required for this spiral let-down chute.

Special Delivery

This spiral chute has no center pipe, but instead features a heavy exterior frame supporting the whole structure. With nuts being very heavy, extra cross support was employed to hold the weight. All chutes were shipped on time, on one truck, and arrived at its destination in excellent condition. The contractors installed the chutes after the floor was in, and the rest of the containment was built after the chutes were installed.

Astro Metal Craft Chutes

We have been building spiral let-down chutes of various sizes, styles, and metals for over 15 years of its 30+ year old existence. Complementing the spirals, we also build screw conveyors, other processing equipment, and heavy gauge railings in stainless steel, mild steel, or aluminum.


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