Metal Fabrication Services

Providing custom metal fabrication services is the heart of what we do at Astro Metal Craft. Whether it’s a railing for new construction, or specific metal parts for OEMs, we confidently provide solutions for a wide variety of precision metal fabrication needs, indeed.

Our fabricators are top flight craftsman with the skills to transform stock materials into the fabricated metal products you need. In addition, our broad range of in-house capabilities makes it possible for us to provide short lead times. Beyond our in-house capabilities, we also work with trusted vendors to provide additional specialized skills.

Quality Precision and Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

We take quality very seriously. With our complete CNC fabrication capabilities and MnDOT approved quality control program, our OEMs and other customers can count on us for every aspect of their custom precision metal fabrication including custom sheet metal fabrication needs.

Projects that involve several custom metal fabrication services is where we most often compete the best. Punching or laser cutting, followed by forming, maybe some machining, then welding is where we provide the most value. With state of the art equipment and certified welders, our craftsmen are always ready to produce quality products with a short turn-around time.

Sheet Metal Fabricators

We pride ourselves as experienced, reliable, professional sheet metal fabricators in Minnesota.  Therefore, we are capable of meeting the needs of our customers in the construction, processing, and equipment building industries. Nevertheless, we are well stocked with the proper equipment and expertise for fabricating with stainless steel and aluminum to provide you fantastic work.

See our Metal Fabrication Equipment

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