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Over the past 15 years, Astro Metal Craft has become the go-to manufacturer for metal spiral gravity chutes for many major food processing companies. Our clients trust our expertise in stainless steel metal fabrication. The ability to as design for efficient manufacturing, and subsequently build the food processing equipment puts as a desirable partner for engineering firms that design material handling systems, contractors, and plant managers.

Spiral Chute Conveyor

When it comes to lowering food or other products efficiently from one level to the next without breakage, our spiral chute conveyer system is the perfect solution. They take up very little floor space, and require minimal maintenance. They are also clean and sanitary.

Gravity Chute

Each spiral let down chute or gravity chute is designed for specific applications. There can be great variation in the “slide” of the product, vertical drop, desired speed of movement, volume moving, and equipment already in place. Some operations use different features such as slide gates, exit chutes and tank/holding areas to maximize efficiency, which we can custom build or fit retroactively.

Professional Quality and Experience

We also put a food grade finish on chutes as required, while other applications can employ chutes out of carbon or stainless steel with a rougher finish, thus saving on the cost of finishing. Our welders are highly experienced and skilled, putting out quality workmanship in every project they complete.

We draft your project in SolidWorks, a 3D drafting program and send the prints to you for approval.  In most cases, we recommend starting with a smaller test chute and then may need to make adjustments in the pitch due to the various amount of “slide” in various products.  You won’t be disappointed with our outstanding customer service and spiral chutes.

Considerations in Design

  • Specifications based on materials being conveyed
  • The density, usually in pounds per cubic foot
  • Size and geometry of the material
  • Pounds and volume per hour
  • The distance of the drop
  • How the chute will load from the top
  • If a tank or other features are needed

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