Perforated Metal Railings | Commercial Use

Astro Metal Craft designs, engineers, field measures, and builds complete commercial perforated metal railings. Of course, our products are manufactured to meet the aesthetic demands of modern architecture. We addressed this with growing concerns, indeed. Such as security and privacy in stairwells, balconies, guardrails and railings.

For this particular project shown, the client provided us with a simple picture. In otherwords, we accept photographs, sketches, prints, etc. from clients to begin the design. Then, our project mananger worked with our drafting department while accomodating the client’s ideas. Through a collaborative design process, custom perforated mild steel railings were then crafted specifically to the customer’s vision. As you can see, the infill panels have a border. Therefore, this is what separates us from our competitors: custom borders!

Commerical Perforated Metal Railings: Scope of This Work

  • Custom Borders
  • Mild steel
  • Powder coated – Bengal silver
  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Metal fabrication
  • Perforation
  • Contracted Installation


About Astro

Whether your project needs are simple or complex, call Astro. Our experienced team has the technical expertise to ensure you get the exact product for your application and requirements. Certainly, we offer extra value in providing design for manufacturing services for best price and shorter lead time. Moreover, we are serious about providing outstanding workmanship and customer service for every project. So contact us today!

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