Perforated Metal Railings

Astro Metal Craft fabricates complete perforated metal railings for building projects of all types. Our railings are manufactured to meet the aesthetic and structural demands of modern architecture, and custom made to fit the site perfectly. Perforated metal railings, also called guard railing, are for those who want something other than a typical run of the mill railing at the same or lower cost. The sky’s the limit when it comes to perforation design options, and we provide guidance, options, and samples as desired. You can see some the numerous successful projects in the pictures below.



Perforated metal railings provide a bit more security and privacy than some other railing types. They are an excellent choice for sites such as apartment or condominium balconies, education facilities, office buildings, malls, parks, and other public places. Perforated metal railings work well both in and outdoors. In both cases, an appropriate finish should be applied to ensure long lasting, excellent looking railings for years to come. Our staff has the knowledge to recommend the best finish for the project and the material chosen.


Aluminum is popular for perforated metal guard railing, and especially for outdoor use. It is lightweight and strong. We highly recommend applying a fluoropolymer resin coating or anodizing for best results. We arrange this process with one of our trusted suppliers, so the railings are ready to be installed as they arrive on site with no further finishing.

Stainless steel is another metal that one can’t go wrong with. A bit more expensive, it has a harder surface and gives a rich, more traditional look. For very high traffic areas in public places, stainless steel should be considered.

Weathering Steel perforated metal railings is something to think about when a more rustic look is being sought, and more often for outdoor use. Shortly after installation, the material will rust just to the degree of providing a protective coating, and then will be stable essentially forever.

Powder-coated Steel can be a good choice and lower cost for some interior applications. However, we do not recommend painted carbon steel for exterior perforated metal as rust drippage from the perforations can occur. Our product line; StellarCraft, includes a perforated metal balcony railing for use on multi-family housing projects. It is complete with BIM models and specifications. Numerous perforation patterns are listed in the specifications, but these are just a sampling of patterns we can produce.


All Manufactured at Astro

Crafted out of sheet metal, our CNC punches are programmed to create the custom perforation patterns. The posts and rails are sawed to length, then the project moves to welding to incorporate the panels into framing to create the railing. Alternatively, one of our designs consists of inserting the perforated panels into a formed slot on the posts eliminating some of the welding. Call us today for more information and see how perforated metals would work into your next project.

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