Perforated Metal Railings

Astro Metal Craft fabricates complete perforated metal railings for building projects of all types.  Our railings are manufactured to meet the aesthetic and structural demands of modern architecture, and custom made to fit the site perfectly.  Perforated metal railings, also called guard railing, are for those who want something other than a typical run of the mill railing at the same or lower cost.  The sky’s the limit when it comes to perforation design options, and we provide guidance, options, and samples as desired.


Perforated metal railings provide a bit more security and privacy than some other railing types.  They are an excellent choice for public places such as condominiums, apartment balconies, education facilities, office buildings, malls, and other public places.  Crafted out of sheet metal, our CNC punches create the perforation patterns and then our welders incorporate the panels into framing and posts to create the railing.


Our product line; StellarCraft, includes a perforated metal balcony railing for use on multi-family housing projects.  It is complete with BIM models and Specifications and includes numerous perforation patterns which is just a sampling of patterns we can produce.

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