Metal Spiral Chute for Bin Loading

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Believe it or not, some of us at Astro get a little emotional when our projects are complete and the hauling truck arrives to load. Saying goodbye to our development, our handiwork, and our pride and joy is sometimes a little hard. That’s what happened when this metal spiral chute for bin loading drove off into the horizon. With that said, we had to take an employee picture before we said goodbye to this massive spiral chute.

Metal Spiral Chute for Bin Loading Function

This spiral chute is made of 304 stainless steel and will be 85 feet tall once it’s erected. Its function is to pile material under a dome in a fertilizer facility. A conveyor belt feeds the material into the top of the chute. Then, the spiral chute lowers the material using gravity, reducing dust and material breakage.

Food manufacturers use many of our stainless steel spiral chutes. These chutes convey pasta, coffee beans, nuts, and a variety of snack foods. For these, we provide a commercial food-grade finish. On the contrary, the chute shown above is not food-grade as it will convey fertilizer. However, all spiral chutes “lower and pile” a product, while reducing or eliminating product breakage and dust creation. 

Custom Design Spiral Chute for Bin Loading

Astro has many years of experience in engineering and fabricating spiral chutes. With that, we are able to custom design each chute for each particular application. We acknowledge that each type of material slides differently and each client has different needs. Therefore, essentials regard volume, speed, inlet and outlet chutes, frame structure, and height. A spiral letdown chute is an excellent option for food processors looking to lower their food product to a level below in a rapid, yet controlled manner that eliminates dust and breakage.

We are passionate about delivering high-quality service and products effectively and consistently. Plus, you will deal with concerned, hands-on, meticulous project managers at all times. Call Astro today for your next spiral chute for bin loading!

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