Balcony Railings

Balcony railing are often a staple item for construction projects that involve more than ground level building.  Designing and building balcony railings is right in our wheelhouse here at Astro Metal Craft. Whether it’s new construction or a refresh for a new and better lasting railing, Astro is often called on to build for the site.


For multi-family housing, with balconies so popular, balcony railings are an obvious necessity.  Balconies provide added value for condominium and apartment dwellers giving them quick access to their own bit of highly valued outdoor space. Other spaces adjoining a lower level are abundant in restaurants, patios, theatres, office buildings, schools, childcare centers and more.


Metal. Metal is a perfect choice when a permanent, no-maintenance balcony railing is desired.  Aluminum is popular for it being light weight and maintaining a beautiful finish.  It can be painted any color with a 10 year guarantee for corrosion, pitting, fading, or chipping. Anodized aluminum is a beautiful choice when the look of silver colored aluminum is desired.  Brush finished stainless steel is more often used in public place as it is stronger and less prone to denting than aluminum.  It is a heavier, more expensive choice, but is top of the line for heavy use areas. Grade 304 is typically used for indoor settings, but the more expensive 316 grade is recommended for outdoor areas that would be exposed to any salt or chemicals.

Glass.  When the view is beautiful, glass railings are a great choice.  The posts are typically made stainless steel and the look can be second to none.  The drawbacks are that glass does require washing to keep it looking beautiful, it offers no privacy, and for some people, high places with glass can feel less secure.

Wood.  For a rustic look, or a lower cost, wooden railings are a good option.  We at Astro Metal Craft do not supply wooden railings as we are a metal fabricator.



Cable Railing.  Lower cost, minimalist look, easy to view the scenery beyond the railing.  Usually not used in very high areas as the horizontal stainless steel roping could be climbed (by a child) and a fall could occur.  Gives less security feeling in high areas.

Metal infill panel railing. This refers to railings that have posts and the spaces between the posts have some type of panel, usually made of metal or glass.  Metal infills can be made of woven or welded wire with frames around them for mounting, perforated metal, or glass.

Perforated metal balcony railing.  A type of metal infill panel railing.  Brings added design and interest to the space.  Completely customizable perforation pattern and obtain the amount of privacy desired.   Easy to install. For architects, see our product page on our Perforated Metal Railings for more information, complete with BIM models and Specifications.

Picket railing.  Very commonly used. Standard choice for many applications.  Depending on type chosen, can be more or less expensive than the above types.


Astro Metal Craft, formerly known as Astro Engineering and Manufacturing has been designing and fabrication metal projects for architectural use since 1987.  We are a second generation, family owned company employing about 40 people who take pride in producing quality work for our clients.    Welders, sheet metal fabricators, machinists, engineers, drafters, and quality control, along with office staff make up our workforce.  Call and ask for Chris, Mark, or Dustin to help you get your project started.

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