Metal Railings

Railings can be produced using a variety of materials from steel and aluminum to glass and wood.  Astro Metal Craft is the number one choice for durable, long lasting, and strong metal railings. You can choose either custom designed railings, or a railing from our product line, StellarCraft. Whether your project requires standard or custom metal railings our staff has the expertise to guide your project to fit your vision and your budget.

Applications and Uses

Metal railings have several functions beyond serving as handrail or support. In high places, and staircases, metal railings serve as a guardrail to prevent falling, which can be enhanced with a handrail. Every Astro Metal Craft project is created using specific and unique requirements to ensure that materials exactly fit the overall design.  We produce concept, or submittal, drawings before fabrication so you can see what your project will look like. After approval, we take field measurements to produce the shop drawings for our fabricators to ensure the railings will fit your site like a glove. With this process, our railings fit applications that include commercial buildings and exteriors, multi-family housing, bridges, and industrial operations.


Astro Metal Craft uses three metals for our metal railings – aluminum, stainless steel, and mild steel. Aluminum is light weight, easy to install, and offers an attractive appearance. Since aluminum can experience oxidization, we offer a high-quality corrosion resistant finish of either anodizing for a metallic finish, or a high-performance organic finish of any color.  Stainless steel is the strongest, most durable, and corrosion resistant metal available. A grade of 304 stainless steel is suitable for most interior and protected outdoor environments. Grade 316 with passivation is recommended for harsh or salty environments. In both cases, a “straight-line”, or “brushed” finish is most commonly used. Painted carbon steel and weathering steel which naturally rusts to a stable state are other options for railing construction. For those unsure of metal type or desired design, our staff has the knowledge and experience to offer ideas and solutions to our clients to ensure successful projects. 

Types of Railings

Infill Railing

Infill Railings are available in perforated metal or woven wire. These railings are perfect for balconies as they are the most secure type of railing and also create a division of space. Our Stellarcraft Galaxy Perforated Guardrails are available with several perforated designs to choose from.

Picket Railing

Our Picket Railings are offered in aluminum, stainless steel, and mild steel. Picket railings require little maintenance and are extremely durable. StellarCraftTM Pulsar Aluminum Picket Fences are durable, maintenance free pickets that come with mounting components, accessories, and mechanical fasteners. Specially designed Vega Picket Aluminum Railings are the perfect solution for pedestrian bridges or other areas where a robust design is necessary.

Cable Railing

Astro Metal Craft’s cable railings are popular when being able to view through the metal railing is desired and don’t require cleaning to keep a clear view. It is one of the most cost-effective permanent railing types available. However, cable railings with horizonal cable should not be installed in areas where children or others might climb the cables at dangerous heights. Both aluminum and stainless steel work well for the posts and top rail.  


  • Approval drawings
  • Fabrication for complete miscellaneous metals scope
  • Assistance in design
  • Economical design & engineering calculations
  • BIM content, accurate specifications & Revit files for some of our railings
  • Certified welding per requirements
  • Laser cutting, perforation, machining, forming & welding
  • Union or non-union subcontracted installation
  •          Quality programs audited and approved by MNDot

Astro Metal Craft, founded in 1987, has experience in providing metal solutions in several locations in the United States. Our record of successfully providing quality and unique railings along with a complete misc metals package has made us the industry leader in supplying builders and contractors. Be sure to check out our Railings Gallery and other railing pages for some terrific ideas.

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