Choosing Between Screw Conveyor Manufacturers

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When it comes to choosing a screw conveyor manufacturer, it is important that you find one that is well suited to meet your needs. Therefore, take into consideration of these factors when choosing which manufacturer to work with when it comes to your screw conveyor system.

Screw conveyors are bulk material transportation systems. They have a rotating, spiral screw inside a cylindrical casing or a trough. Material is pushed forward through the conveyer from one area to another. These systems transport material, and help with the agitation, mixing, or breakdown of certain substances. Screw conveyors are used in bulk handling industries. These include food and other processing industries.

Custom Features

A screw conveyor has numerous features for enhanced performance. In addition, a better return on investment to the user. These include “tool-less” dismantle for easy cleaning, custom inlets/outlet chutes, and mounting on a frame with heavy casters for mobility. Also, heating or chilling capabilities. We consistently delight our customers with providing solutions in conveying that they aren’t able to find elsewhere.

Screw ConveyorQuality Screw Conveyor Manufacturers

Whether you are in the food, chemical, or biofuel industry, high quality screw conveyor systems are a must. Indeed, the type of quality that meets the demands of your industry. At Astro Metal Craft, we provide top-notch systems, replacement augers, and augers for OEMs. We focuse on providing quality systems and parts that perform well. Not to mention keeping your company up and running. All motors, drives, and VFD’s used are top performers with warranties.


As experienced screw conveyor manufacturers, we ensure that you are getting quality systems and parts that will meet your needs. We ensure you’re getting quality products and services. Plus, an experienced team that will design an efficient system with custom features. Thus, this saves you money in the long run. At Astro, we also have extensive experience in system design. This is due to manufacturing all systems at our location for best control of lead time and quality.

Customer Service

At Astro, we aim to wow our customers with our dedication to customer service. We are proud of our responsiveness and short lead times. We aim to serve you and meet your needs above all else.

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