Perforated Metal Fence 

The Metro Transit 610 and Noble Park & Ride project consisted of creating a 465 foot perforated aluminum fence. Each panel came with exact architect specifications. Thus, we were able to understand and deliver quality results. Working with an aluminum panel with a thickness of 3/16″, we needed to create a design for along the fence. Therefore, we achieved this by creating an irregular punching of 1/4″ square hole perforations in the aluminum. Hence, the result was a professional, clean cut addition to the Park & Ride.

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Scope of Work

  • 465 feet
  • 1/4″ square hole perforations
  • Thickness of 3/16″
  • Irregular punching to create design
  • Tight 90 degree formed top to sit on top of posts
  • 2″ square carbon steel posts
  • Painted and galvanized
  • Clear anodized aluminum panels

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