Perforated Metal Services

At Astro, our perforated metal services are top notch, hands down. In addition, our department quotes aggressively. They also deliver quality perforated metal products for both architectural and industrial use.

We are equipped with the fastest punch in the world! The TruPunch 5000 gives our clients access to full service metal fabrication from a single source. What’s extremely valuable is ability to have borders on each sheet metal! This capability is what separates us from our competitors because of our state-of-the art punches.

Handling Your Perforated Sheet Metal Requirements

Let Astro take care of the metal needs of your project. Most importantly, our team of engineers and project managers offer collaborative design to tweak your project for optimum performance and efficient fabrication. Mounting systems and brackets are not always fully addressed on requests for quotes. Industrial prints may call out parts that are not available or are designed for less than optimum fabrication methods. Thus, we enjoy finding cost saving options and improvements to pass on to our customers. Furthermore, the sooner we are consulted on these projects, the more help we can offer.

Perforated Applications

Our start in delivering quality perforated metal projects for architectural and industrial use began with fabricating replacement food dryer plates for food dryers. This required punching a variety shapes and patterns, including slitting and notching. We learned to overcome obstacles of warpage and sheet growth. Thus, we continuously learned how to use cluster punches for increased speed. As a result, we achieved and met the tolerances to make first-quality parts by drafting in SolidWorks. Hence, our capability entails programming the punch to manage and control the deformation created by punching holes in sheet metal.

We continue to perforate and fabricate food dryer plates today. Moreover, we have expanded to other perforated metal projects, too. These include perforated aluminum fencing, balcony railings, perforated metal building panels for parking ramps, filtration parts for the water filtration industry, commercial radiator covers, and more. Therefore, handling your everyday needs for perforated metal panels and stainless steel perforated sheet work is what we do. At Astro, we take pride in the quality of the work we provide because we care. Not to mention, we have the ability to get your project done efficiently and effectively.


Metal Services

  • Custom Borders, of course!
  • Punches through 24 to .25 gauge
  • Regular and Irregular Patters
  • Metal sheet sizes up to 12′ x 5′ (longer with repositioning)
  • Stainless steel, aluminum, mild, copper, brass
  • Cluster punching and nibbling
  • Round, odd-round, square, rectangular holes
  • Regular and irregular patterns

Applications of Punched Metals

We get projects through faster and maintain control over the quality because we do majority of operations in-house . With our modern equipment, talented workforce, and expanded perforating capabilities, indeed we create many products. The projects requiring perforated metal are for both industrial and architectural applications.

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