Water Treatment Metal Fabrication

Fabricating metal equipment for the water treatment industry is a core competency of Astro Metal Craft. Fabrication of tanks and clarifiers are exactly in our wheelhouse, along with filtration screens, catwalks, and frames that support filtration components.   Our proficiency in stainless and aluminum welding, certified welding capability, and full modern fabrication shop makes us the ideal fabricator for water treatment equipment components.

Clean water is a necessary component of a healthy life.  There are very smart and experienced people working at water treatment companies who design systems to remove contaminates and clean the water through engineering feats. These systems work to keep our environment clean and people healthy.  We at Astro Metal Craft, are honored and pleased to have a hand in helping in providing the vital resource of clean water to people and communities.  US and Global suppliers of water treatment solutions for industrial and municipal applications rely upon us to fabricate and deliver the metal components and equipment needed for the job.

Custom Fabrication

  • Tanks, plus any fittings, flanges, and internal components
  • Clarifier components including sludge scrapers, rake arms, scum skimmers, baffle plates,
  • Screens
  • Catwalks, ladders and railings.
  • Frames and skids

Why you can count on us

  • Experience and knowledge of water treatment component design
  • High expertise in Stainless Steel metal fabrication
  • Extensive expertise in Aluminum fabrication for catwalks, ladders, railings, etc
  • Full fabrication capabilities with modern equipment and skilled craftsmen ready to perform for you. Capabilities include Forming, Laser cutting, Perforating, Machining, Welding, Rolling, Sawing, Finishing, and more.
  • Very strong welding department, providing Certified welding as needed. Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) on staff
  • Strong Quality Management System ensuring the quality for which our customers rely upon.
  • Strong history of meeting construction and OEM schedules
  • 3D drafting in Solidworks

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