Miscellaneous Metals

In the construction world, Miscellaneous Metals is often called “Misc Metals” and refers to the metal fabrications on a building outside of the structural steel requirements.

Fabricating and supplying the Misc Metals for construction projects is a core competency for Astro. From railings and stairs, to canopies and sunshades, along with perforated metals, stainless steel trim and corner guards, kiosks, Church crosses, plant trellises and landscape metals, Astro makes it happen.

We are a little different than other miscellaneous metal fabricators in that we specialize in working with stainless steel and aluminum while also being a proficient carbon steel fabricator.  Both stainless and aluminum fabrication presents special challenges in fabrication.   Astro has overcome these challenges by investing in top line welding equipment for faster and better welds, extensive training of our welders and finishers, and special finishing and handling equipment. For these reasons, we are repeatedly counted on to deliver top notch metal fabrications that fit the space and the architects’ vision.

Architects find us helpful in design and planning projects as we can assist them in selecting and integrating the appropriate materials and design for a specific purpose and budget.  Our sales team, engineers, drafters, and fabricators are relied upon to initiate, follow through, and deliver successful projects.  Contractors find success when they hire us to supply misc metals on a project.   We also supply other fabricators for specialty items in stainless steel, aluminum, or perforated metals.

A couple of our larger projects include the nearly continuous upgrades and remodels at the MSP airport, Peavy Plaza remake in Minneapolis, and 2000 feet of aluminum picket railing for the University of Washington pedestrian bridge.  The MPS airport project consists of things like stainless corner guards and trim, perforated radiator covers, kiosks, monitor supports, catwalks, bollards, ladders, grilles, and other items.   Peavey Plaza also had a large variety of items: 316 stainless steel hand railing and guard railing,  underwater grating, raceways for underwater cording, special light cans, pyramidal trash can covers, hatches, access covers, brackets, and all misc metals on this water feature project.  Contractors value the ability to obtain all these metals from one supplier.  Our ability to draft, supply approval drawings, and perform the fabrication in house gives us good control over both the quality and the schedule allowing our customers to rest easy knowing we will come through with their products both right and on time.

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