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perforated metal railings, stainless steel railings, custom, installation, office building, perforated metalThe use of perforated metal panels in railings is a wonderful alternative to the standard picket or rail type railing that is seen everywhere.  It offers a bit more privacy, yet allows light and airflow. The railings create a division between spaces and offer a greater sense of security than a more open type railing.


Perforated metal can be extremely aesthetically appealing and customizable to the space and personal preferences. For example, pairing perforated metal panel railings with a top wooden rail can bring warmth and durability to an indoor setting. There are an endless variety of punch patterns, and hole shapes and sizes to delight the most discriminative buyer.

The most common metals used in perforated metal railings are either stainless steel or aluminum. Stainless steel is the gold standard for both outdoor and indoor use. It will remain durable and be the longest lasting without any upkeep. Aluminum is an attractive option with a reduced price tag and when a reduced load weight is desired.

Applications of Perforated Metal Panels

While these are all great reasons to use perforated metal panel railings, let’s look at some of the best applications. Commercial indoor space is one of the best places to use the perforated metal railings. It is so durable and needs no maintenance to keep it looking great. The perforated metal railings don’t create a fence or jail-like feeling that vertical pickets might do. Nor does it allow climbing as can horizontal members. Office buildings, libraries, schools, restaurants, and retail space are all ideal places to use perforated metal railings.  One outdoor application of a perforated metal railing is balconies, especially when they are high in the air and creating a sense of security is desired. When enjoying the view is of high importance, either cable railing or glass may be preferable. Perforated metal railings are also used outdoors in public parking areas and ramps.

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By now, you may be wondering how to get perforated metal railings. There are some “systems” out there which consist of standard pieces which can be pieced together. These have some advantages, such as a quick order and shipped within a few days. You could hope this will fit your application and you will also have bulkier joints for the assembly. An alternative to this would be to order custom made railings for your exact site.

A good metal fabricator will field-measure the area, make 3D CAD drawings for customer approval, then fabricate and install. All steps are crucial for a top notch product. When it comes to custom fabrication, it is most desirable if the fabricator is equipped with an in-house punch and skilled certified welders to build the railings. This helps to ensure quality and fabrication in a timely matter. Plus, realizes cost savings to do it all under one roof by experienced people.

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