Aluminum Railings

At Astro Metal Craft, we produce aluminum railings for commercial, industrial, and high-end residential work. Handrails and guardrails are custom built to match architects’ specifications. Astro’s Project Managers offer guidance in the essentials of architectural handrail and guardrail, such as regulation, aesthetics, functionality, installation and maintenance, and design for fabrication. The 3-D modeling, detailing and shop drawings are done in-house for maximum efficiency and quality.

Picket Aluminum Railings

Aluminum picket railings are most commonly used in commercial buildings, public spaces, and schools. Balusters are used for decorative and practical purposes, utilizing a wide assortment of styles. These include square, round, rectangle, bowed, contoured, and European style. Spacing between pickets is kept at 4” or less to meet codes. Our largest job to date using aluminum picket style railing is installed on a pedestrian bridge at Washington State University in Seattle. Aluminum was the metal of choice for this project due to it being the lighter weight material for the bridge.  This railing with is over 2000 feet in length with various heights up to six feet. It involved compound curves, stairways, and handrails.

Perforated Aluminum In-Fill Panels

Aluminum is an ideal metal because it is naturally corrosion resistant, lightweight and strong. Our punches execute a wide range of shapes. These include various repeating patterns of perforations of different sizes throughout the panel. Here, we create hundreds of identical perforated aluminum panels to complete commercial railings throughout an entire complex. We have extensive experience working with new and existing designs. We use unique combinations of shapes and patterns for a one-of-a kind custom homes and commercial design. Hence, we have found perforated aluminum guard railing to be particularly popular for use in schools, office buildings, and sporting facilities. The fast punches, combined with our welding and other fabrication capabilities, make us the go-to fabricator for perforated guard railing.

Wire Mesh In-Fill Panels

The aluminum wire mesh in-fill panels provide a durable, open feel, and are offered for highly corrosive environments. The mesh is directly welded onto a four sided frame, wrapped with a “U” edging. This “U” edging is recommended as it reduces labor and is most cost effective. The panels are available in a wide range of wire mesh patterns and framing styles. Plus, they are essentially maintenance-free, strong, and visually pleasing.

Aluminum Cable Railings

Cable rails are most popular in locations where the view is essential. The cables typically run horizontally, however, vertical cables are used. Recommended cable spacing is 3.25,” plus, we can assemble on site (dependent on length). Vertical posts can be square, round, rectangular, etc. and customers can choose between top mount and side mount base plates. Top rails are typically round, square, rectangle, or slanted. Not to mention, there are a variety of connectors to choose from, too.

Aluminum Finishes/Coatings

If left unfinished, the aluminum oxidizes because it is reactive to the natural outdoor elements. To protect aluminum from corrosion, a finish is needed. Of course, this stops the aluminum from becoming dismal and prone to dirt and scratches. Anodizing the aluminum is the most popular method to assure a continuous “polished” look to your railing. Other aluminum finishes include mechanical, chemical, and organic coatings as well.

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