Laser Cutting Services

For the past 20 years our laser cutting services have been an integral part of Astro. The laser cutting division provides service for processing equipment, conveyor parts, OEM’s, and ornamental metal designs. Our experience gives us the confidence to back up our work.

You can always expect our laser cutting services to be accurate with smooth, clean edges. We know how to handle a variety of materials including metal, plastic, galvaneel, wood and styrofoam. Any burrs that may occur are hand-removed to ensure customers only get the best parts.

Scope of Work

  • Mild Steel: 18 gauge to 3/8″
  • Aluminum: .040 – .080
  • Stainless Steel: 18 – 10 gauge
  • Sheet size max: 60″ x 120″
  • Cutting Tolerance: within .005 or less depending on the part
  • Ability to cut thicker materials

We Provide

  • Sharp edge definition
  • Small kerf width
  • Low distortion
  • No tool marks on the part
  • Narrow heat affected area
  • No mechanical force on the part
  • Cut complex shapes, slots, holes, corners, with repeatability
  • Auto load and unload allows high volume with minimal manpower


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