Best Type of Industrial Screw Conveyors

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Auger or screw conveyors easily move materials and offer valuable protection for other equipment. However, not just any auger conveyor can do the job efficiently. Astro Metal Craft and Manufacturing provides professional help in the process of selecting and designing the perfect system. Here are some helpful tips on choosing industrial screw conveyors.

What Kind of Materials Are You Moving?

When choosing auger conveyors, an important aspect is the pitch and flight of the conveying mechanism. Single flight conveyors are the most common, but some systems will use double flights. The pitch or angle of these flights can vary a lot, depending on the need. For most horizontal conveyors, single flight, standard pitch systems work best. In these units, the outside diameter is the same as the pitch.

Fluid-like Materials

When moving material like cement or fine powders, it’s best to use a single flight mechanism with a short pitch. This setup gives industrial screw conveyors a smaller distance between flights and keeps surging to a minimum because it slows movement down.

Thick or Sticky Materials

Thick materials tend to stick together or pack, so in those cases, a ribbon conveyor system works best. For example, ribbon-type auger conveyors move sludge and wet sugar super efficiently. This type of system prevents material buildup and can be designed to be shaft-less.

Industrial Screw Conveyors and Jam-Ups

Dealing with a jammed up conveyor system is never fun, and good design can go a long way in eliminating the problem. No matter what type of material you need to move, even if it is thick, abrasive, or toxic, we will have the right system for your facility. Call 763-777-8087 or email for more details.

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