Architectural Metals

Astro Metal Craft provides the highest quality architectural metals and designs in the industry using the right metals for the right job.  Because of this, contractors and architects have come to depend on us for our work with stainless steel and aluminum. Every builder wants a finishing touch for their project. They know that architectural metals are special designs that offer a luxuriously sleek look that creates a lasting impression.

Astro Metal Craft’s drafting and production expertise provides our customers with a one-stop shop for their fabricating needs. Our fabrication process can produce nearly any type of complex design compatible with modern equipment capabilities. In addition, our in-house perforation capabilities allow us to produce an aesthetically pleasing quality product with an endurance that enhances your project without having to locate an additional fabricator. The lasting quality of these refined architectural metal pieces makes them the perfect finishing touch to your project.

Strong History in Customer Satisfaction

We take pride in our family tradition of commitment that continues to satisfy new and returning customers. Through this commitment, Astro Metal Craft has proven to be a cost-effective solution to architectural challenges. You probably know that many projects involve a variety of challenging issues.  It could be a unique fastening system, a special choice of metal or grade, a wide variety of items need for one project, or the selection of finishes. Astro Metal Craft has the talent and ingenuity to produce your product to your standards and improve on it. Our operation covers the production of a full spectrum of architectural metal products, allowing us to provide the whole scope of architectural metals on a site. These include railings, metal wall panels, plant screens, stairs, column covers, stainless trim, metal grating, trash cans, under-water piping or troughs for water features, light covers, perforated panels, benches, bollards, brackets, gates, planting boxes, and metal landscape features that are designed to last.

One of the main reasons that builders and architects count on Astro Metal Craft is our record of producing quality products at a reasonable price. Our project managers stay in close contact with clients to manage the ever-changing schedules and make updates to orders inherent in construction projects. They, along with the whole Astro team, are committed to providing the best, on time, metal fabricating services. Don’t just take our word, see the testimonials on the home page!

Architectural Metals Scope of Work

  • Railings & Guardrails:  Perforated metal or woven wire infill panels, cable railing, picket, pipe, glass
  • Decorative Metal Panels for building exteriors
  • Formed architectural metal panels
  • Canopies, sunshades, pergolas, and louvers
  • Green screens, rain screens, living wall systems
  • Perforated Radiator covers (also called heater covers)
  • Custom Design Kiosks
  • Embeds for concrete and scuppers
  • Misc. metals:  stairs, bollards, ladders, trim
  • Metals: stainless steel, aluminum, Corten, mild steel, bronze
  • Finishes: HighPerformance Organic Finish, resin-based coatings, Anodizing, Powdercoat
  • #4 brushed, #8 mirror finish with electropolish or passivation for Stainless Steel

We Provide

  • Fabrication of full scope of architectural metals per project
  • 3D Modeling for accurate project representation and integration
  • BIM content, Revit files and Specifications for some of our railings and perforated metal panels for building exteriors
  • Design assistance for cost containment, function, manufacturability, and aesthetics.
  • Engineering calculations
  • Certified welding for stainless, aluminum and mild steel
  • Perforating, laser cutting, forming, machining, welding, finishing, and more
  • Installation with union or non-union through subcontracting
  • MNDot audited and approved quality program

Collaborative Design

We welcome the opportunity to assist you in designing and manufacturing all architectural metal projects. Therefore, our design engineers work closely with you in designing products that meet the needs of your specific application.


With the introduction of Stellarcraft, Astro Metal Craft has added a new dynamic to our established product line. Each system is pre-engineered and complete with Revit models and Specifications for easy incorporation into architectural projects. The collection includes perforated aluminum fences, perforated guardrails, aluminum rain screens, perforated wall panels, and picket-style aluminum guardrails.

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