Stainless Steel Railings

Astro Metal Craft creates commercial and industrial stainless steel railings, as well as high-end residential work. Our work can be found in outdoor park areas, commuter rail line stations, professional buildings, schools, government, healthcare settings, and private residences.  Stainless steel is prevalent for railings as it is timeless, clean, durable, and attractive. Cable railing, guard railings made with infill panels, and handrails are the most used styles of railings for which stainless steel is used.


With stainless steel being one of the higher priced materials, it is best used in in high traffic areas, in outdoor corrosive environments, and anywhere that a permanent, clean, and attractive appearance is desired.  The investment will pay for itself and results in the satisfaction of a high quality product that lasts.

For outdoor areas, we highly recommend grade 316 stainless steel, especially if salt exposure is probable.  It has a higher nickel content plus the addition of molybdenum to offer better corrosion resistance. For indoor areas or protected outdoor space, the lower cost 304 grade stainless steel is an excellent choice.

All railings are custom built to fit the site and architect’s specifications and vision.  We utilize 3D modeling software for in-house drafting to ensure perfect fit and quality.  Our project managers work closely between the customer and the shop to ensure that your stainless steel railing project runs smoothly, timely, and results in a delighted client.




Cable Railing

Cable railing is an economical and beautiful option for a railing that where a modern look and a desire for a permanent solution for fall protection meet. It is often the best choice for preserving a gorgeous view.  The sheer volume of metal used is less than in other styles of railing. The posts and top rail are made of stainless tube or bar stock and the rails consist of lightweight but extremely strong stainless cabling.  Choices in shapes for the vertical posts are square, rectangular, or round. The posts can be made for either top mount or side mount applications.  The cables typically run horizontally with 3½ inch spacing to meet safety codes. Sometimes wood is incorporated into the top rail as customization is desired.

Infill panel Railing

Infill panel railing provides a sturdier barrier than cable railing.  Infill can be metal mesh, glass, or perforated panels. The posts (and attached handrails if desired) are made of straight-line finished stainless steel. Glass of course is popular for preserving a nice view.  Infill mesh is available in a large array of weaving patterns and is very stylish. Depending on the mesh type, it can either be welded directly to a stainless frame or wrapped with U-edging.

Pipe Rail

Pipe rail is common in public places where railings are needed such as stairways, ramps, platforms, or other foot-traffic walkways.  The purpose is to reduce falls by providing a grab rail to any area. Pipe rails bring an added degree a safety to sloped or slippery areas.  They can be fabricated with just a one top rail with posts, a two rail, or multi-rail for areas where fall protection is needed.  Our machining, welding, and finishing capabilities with stainless steel assures you of receiving beautiful and functional pipe rails built by Astro.

Picket Style Railing

It can be done, but due to large amount of stainless steel and welding labor, picket railing of stainless steel can be quite costly – yet still beautiful in the right application. You can count on us to help you choose the best railing for your project.


We at Astro pride ourselves in keeping your project on-track. Our project managers are aware of the latest developments in technology and trends. As a result, they take your ideas and bring them to life! Our facility is conveniently located in Hanover, MN and is stocked with modern fabrication equipment and talented craftsmen ready to serve you.

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