Perforated Metal Panels in Architectural Work

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Perforated metal panels in architecural work are useful and can be applied in many ways. They make excellent building facades, special types of fencing, unique railings, especially in commercial settings. Here’s how metal panels with holes strategically punched, may be the answer to your problems.

Architectural Building Panels- Building Facades

Perforated metal panels are ideal for building facades as they are durable and sustainable. The metal panels are long-lasting and is accompanied with a 10-year warrantee. They are also flexible enough to allow architects with the control over structural design. Typically, we use aluminum sheet metal. However, customers occassionally prefer stainless steel. Either way, the strategically punched holes give your building façade an aesthetic, unique look. This also provides some sun-blocking. Buildings that can benefit from this are parking ramps and commercial buildings.

Architectural Railings and FencingPerforated railing infill panels

Perforated metal gives feeling of safety on balconies and overlooks because they are strong. In contrast, picket or cable railing creates the feel of a space separation. Bus shelters, division of space between a road and parking lot, trash enclosures, property divisions are all excellent applications for perforated panels.

Architectural Window Shades

In many commercial settings, there are huge windows. This lets in a great deal of light, provides an excellent view and can help save energy. Installing custom perforated metal panels in front of these windows in strategic areas, can provide shading during the hot part of the day and still allow light to enter. Plus, it does not spoil the view of the outdoors.

What Do You Need?

Do you have a specific problem you would like to solve, concerning facility access or safety? Astro Metal Craft is there to help with custom solutions. Our perforated metal panels can be made from several different types of metals and customized to your specific needs. You won’t have to select from “stock” material because we can provide just about anything you want and need, along with personal service. Give us a call at 763-777-8087 during business hours to talk with our experts about your requirements.

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