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When you call Astro for an RFQ, expect friendly, personalized customer service. After gathering some basic information about your project, we ask for drawings, specs, sketches, and/or photos that you can email us. Next, an estimator may contact you to discuss any remaining details needed about the specifics of the project. These specifics include material type, gauge, tolerances, quantity, finish requirements, project schedule (timeframe), site conditions, type of project, and budget.

Ask About Our Capabilities

There are many different types of metal fabrication capabilities we offer.  Understanding your metal fabricator capabilities puts you and your company in the best position to win for the long term by saving time and money. Our Project Managers work together with you on the best methods and materials for producing your project. Therefore, we identify if there are alternatives that will make your project less expensive to fabricate.

Give us Clear Expectations

Communicate timelines early on. The more clear and explicit you are about your deadlines, the better, because it allows us to properly assign a realistic lead time. Perhaps you are early in project discovery and a budgetary quote. Often, a budgetary quote is put together very quickly to give you what you need for now. In addition, it’s important to understand that low volume vs. high volume costs more. This is because of the time spent in estimating, drafting and setting up the equipment.

Provide Proper Drawings, Specifications, Sketches, and/ or Pictures

The more detailed information provided, the better we’re able to prepare you with a good proposal. Providing detailed information up front will ensure that the quotes are accurate based on the project parameters you require.  Precise and detailed communication establishes a great working relationship from the start. However, if you don’t have all the answers to these questions, we work collaboratively with you to find the answers needed for an effective quote.

Ask for Examples of Our Work

We are more than happy to provide you with projects or parts similar to the one you’re requesting a bid for. Our aim is to make you feel confident moving forward in the bidding process.  Further, do not hesitate to ask us for references from past and current customers. We welcome this due diligence. We also acknowledge every RFQ is unique to every job.

Quality Metal Fabrication 

Our quality management system ensures valuable, detailed inspection of your product throughout production. Through our QMS, we improve processes, reduce waste, and lower cost. Our processes routinely evaluate appropriate quality standards to look for changes. Thus, we identify opportunities for improvement. This keeps Astro in the forefront of innovation.

Whether you require small-scale orders or very large, Astro operates at the highest level of efficiency and quality. So, call us today to discover how we can assist you in making your next job a smooth and profitable experience.


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