As you can see from our perforated metals gallery, Astro Metal Craft fabricates top quality perforated metals. Standard or decorative perforated panels are available, too. Pick from a wide selection of patterns, shapes, sizes, designs, materials, thickness, and finishes. In fact, we provide a variety of standard and custom designed metal products for the both the commercial and industrial fields.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

At Astro, we invest in our customers by utilizing state-of-the-art equipment. Indeed. we’re fully equipped with the Trumpf TruPunch 5000 and 3000. Specifically, these punches produce quality work in a short amount of time. This enables us to create perforated stainless steel and perforated aluminum to meet your architectural design challenges. Certainly, turn your regular office stairway railings into perfectly perforated and punched aluminum paneling that will dress up any stairway.

Decorative Perforated Sheet Metal

We manufacture eye catching designs based on project specs and requirements that delight discriminating architects and owners. Punching, laser cutting, and forming, along with top notch welding and finishing, is all performed in-house. Of course, this allows us to fully fabricate decorative perforated sheet metal panels economically and right to the specification.

Stainless Steel Perforated Covers

Our team fabricates a variety of punch patterns and styles of radiator covers, also called heater covers. Most often these are specified for stainless steel. Whether the covers are freestanding or attached to the wall, we can do it. In particular, our team field measures, drafts and designs for both the covers and brackets. At Astro, we possess all of the equipment necessary to fabricate on site. including all perforating, forming and spot welding operations. For example, many of our radiator covers are onsite at the Minneapolis/St Paul airport.

At Astro Metal Craft, your project is our top priority! Call us today at 763-777-8087 to discuss your perforated metal requirements.

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