Keep Your Auger Conveyor Running Smoothly

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A commercial auger conveyor is an efficient way to move raw materials from one area to another with little to no spillage. However, screw conveyors can develop or create other problems. Here are some ways to keep your auger conveyor running smoothly. Here, we discuss common issues you may encounter.

Combat Dust Problems to Keep Your Auger Running Smoothly

Dust in the atmosphere can be a serious hazard. It can make it difficult for people to breathe and may lead to respiratory problems. In addition, some types of dust are combustible and can present fire hazards in the workplace. A great deal of dust is created with the movement of powders and finely ground materials. In order to to keep your auger conveyor running smoothly, ensure you’re utilizing the correct seals and gaskets. What may work for some materials may not work for others. One should consider gasket material which can be greatly compressed. In addition, flanged covers may provide the kind of protection you need from dust.


Auger conveyors can clog up when conveying wet or sticky materials. In this case, standard screw conveyors may not be the answer. One solution for this is to add gentle heat to the auger for better movement of material. Cheese is one material that slides much easier through a heated auger system. Another option is to go with shaft-less screw conveyors. Of course, this can eliminate any clogging issues.


If your auger conveyor is working too hard to move the material, this can greatly add to the “wear and tear” factor of your conveyor system. Average carbon steel can quickly become worn down. In return, this will greatly reduce its life expectancy. One way to combat this is to use high carbon abrasive resistant steel alloys for increased toughness and hardness. Another option is the use of nickel based alloys that with the addition of molybdenum and chromium for increased resistance to both abrasion and corrosion. The wood pulp industry finds benefits in conveyor equipment made of these alloys. The use of specially coated shafts and troughs is yet another way to resist the abrasion caused by these materials. By employing one of these methods of combatting abrasion, a longer conveyor life, less downtime and fewer maintenance issues can be enjoyed.

Changing Applications

If you are trying to make your old auger conveyor system perform work that it was not originally designed for, it can present a number of problems in the future. Instead of modifying and retrofitting, you may be much better off with a custom designed screw conveyor system. Astro Metal Craft has years of experience with these systems. Thus, we take the issues you may encounter into account to keep your auger conveyor running smoothly. Call 763-777-8087 for more information.

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