Galaxy Perforated Guardrail

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Galaxy Perforated Guardrails

StellarCraft™ Galaxy Guardrail is a perforated aluminum railing, specifically for balconies. However, the Galaxy Guardrail effectively screens and guards really any area needed. At any rate, they create a division of space for privacy, while still providing transparency.  In addition to regulating ventilation, noise, shade, and visibility, our Galaxy Guardrails offer a modern aesthetic tone. These perforated aluminum panels are perfect for balconies, decks, and other high places. Plus, the look of these on multi-residential balcony decks is second-to-none!

Perforated patterns

The large perforation pattern shown here is just an example. By referring to our perforating design guide, you design the pattern of your choice. You can even have up to 10 different shapes and sizes, if you want! If needed, we’ll help you develop just the right perforations to get the feel and look you’re after. And, because we are passionate about delivering the best quality, we can anchor your posts or pour it into place for added stability.

Meeting Code

StellarCraft™ Galaxy Perforated Aluminum Panels are used in all railing applications that must comply with IBC codes for structural strength and dimensions. The structural performance meets the IBC codes, 2012 edition. Therefore, it withstands a horizontal concentrated load of 50 pounds applied to one square foot. See the printable Product Description for a complete listing of the Standards and Codes to which StellarCraft products conform.

Colorful Finishing Options

A good finish improves performance in resisting corrosion, formability, and aesthetics in perforated aluminum balcony railings. Finishing options for our perforated wall panels include either a clear anodized finish for class 1 coating, or a high-performance two-coat fluoropolymer finish in the color of your choice.  Warranty period for the anodized finish is one year. However, high-performance organic coating is 10 years.

Field Measuring

Field measuring, drafting and design for fabrication are the first steps needed prior to fabrication. When field measuring, verify actual locations of walls and other construction contiguous with metal fabrications by field measurements before fabrication. All our StellarCraft products get fabricated all in-house at Astro Metal Craft to your exact dimensions, perforating pattern, and finish.

Whether you place these on balconies or decks, you can count on the quality craftsmanship of Astro Metal Craft.  Astro Metal Craft is the home of StellarCraft™ architectural metal products.



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