Nebula Perforated Aluminum Fence

StellarCraft Nebula

Nebula Perforated Aluminum Fence

The Nebula perforated aluminum fence is a great choice when you’re in need of a sturdy, durable, no-maintenance screening solution. The Nebula works perfectly as a property divider, while providing a “screen” to battle harsh gusts. Plus, with custom borders, they look great! Thus, these fences are popular at parking lots, schools, park-and-rides, and other public areas because of their function and contemporary style. Unlike other aluminum fences, the Nebula will enhance architectural appeal to any project, residential or commercial.

Perforated Panels

perforated panelsPerforated panels create a division of space for privacy, while still providing transparency. In addition to regulating ventilation, noise, shade, and visibility, perforated panels offer a modern aesthetic tone. Choose your own design and the pattern to your liking. Furthermore, we help you develop the right perforations to get the feel and look you want for your perforated aluminum panels.

Meets Code

The structural performance meets the IBC codes, 2012 edition. See the printable Product Description for a complete listing of the Standards and Codes to which StellarCraft products conform.

Field Measuring

field measuringField measuring prior to production is highly recommended for all our products so that construction is coordinated with the actual dimensions. All our StellarCraft products get fabricated all in-house at Astro Metal Craft to your exact dimensions, perforating pattern, and finish. We ship directly to your site with all mechanical fasteners and posts included. All hardware is stainless steel or other corrosion-resistant material.

Contact us early in your project because each project needs to be scheduled for fabrication. We also provide collaborative design in meeting performance specification and aesthetic objectives, such as custom finishing. We value a customer-centric approach with a defined schedule and set of deliverables. So count on us!



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