Starfleet Aluminum Rain Screens

perforated metal panels garage facade

Starfleet Aluminum Rain Screens

Starfleet is a system of perforated aluminum metal panels. The perforations create a unique aesthetic to plain garages, while allowing the required light and airflow. These cost-effective panels are lightweight, yet durable, and virtually maintenance free. Also, the panels can be color-matched on each side for applications where both sides are visible. Hence, there is a variety of finishes to choose from, with the addition of a warranty.

City Ordinances

Starfleet Screens

Many major US cities require public ramps enveloped with robust screens. Perforated metal panels are an excellent choice to protect the public from vehicle exhaust and internal garage lighting. Perforated panels also disperse sound, control airflow, and naturally regulate the outdoor temperature. The screens fit nicely together to form tight, hairline joints, free from distortion and other defects.

Perforated Patterns

Astro Metal Craft offers a combination of perforated sizes and patterns. Thus, there are 10 different shapes and sizes to choose from.

Starfleet perforated panel

Hexagon Perforations

Our pattern capabilities include:

  • Round
  • Square
  • Slotted
  • Hexagon
  • Diamond
  • Grecian
  • Triangle
  • Airline
  • Marietta
  • Oval
  • Cloverleaf
  • Chain-link

If needed, we’ll help you develop just the right perforations to get the feel and look you’re after.

IBC Code

Starfleet Perforated aluminum panelsStellarCraft™ Starfleet Rain Screens are designed to meet the IBC codes, 2012 edition. It is engineered to withstand wind load per (IBC 2012, ASCE-7/10 40 PSF & 60 PSF); deflection of aluminum panels to be L/60 max, and deflection of panel framing members to be L/175 max. See the printable Product Description for a complete listing of the Standards and Codes to which StellarCraft products conform.

Astro Metal Craft

Starfleet screens are engineered for a durable, long-lasting façade. Astro’s drafting, design, and fabrication, including certified welding, is performed at our location in Hanover, MN.

Indeed, you can count on the quality craftsmanship of Astro Metal Craft. Astro Metal Craft is the home of StellarCraft pre-engineered architectural metal products.



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