Custom Metal Fabrication Services

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Custom metal fabrication services make the world go around since these services are needed in numerous industries across multiple business sectors. Astro Metal Craft has made their mark by being unique to gain an edge against other leading competitors. Therefore, you will see our work in numerous applications around the nation. Formerly known as Astro Engineering & Manufacturing, we are a custom metal fabricator of quality metal products. Of course, we offer top notch service, too!

What Makes Us Different

What makes Astro stand out from the rest is our flexibility, short lead times, in-house fabrication, and the high response to customer needs, of course. Indeed, our customers get one point of contact with a designated project manager. Astro also has state-of-the-art technology and new solutions unobtainable anywhere else! Lastly, we are experts in welding stainless steel and aluminum.

Custom Metal Fabrication Services Offered

Custom Metal Fabrication Niche Areas

  • Industrial and Commercial Construction: Stainless and aluminum railings, metal panels, and misc. metals.
  • Biofuels and Food Processing Industries: We design and manufacture screw conveyor systems.
  • Components: Manufacture and supply components to transportation, food processing, light rail truck industries, and others.

Specialty Metals

Indeed, stainless steel and aluminum remains our specialty metal fabrication. On the other hand, we also provide mild steel, weathering steel (Corten), and other alloy fabricating services.

About Us

Astro Metal Craft is a custom metal manufacturer of Industrial Equipment, OEM’s, and Architectural Metals. In addition, we are a full service manufacturer with Perforating, Laser cutting, Forming, Welding, Machining, Shearing, and Metal Finishing.

Our custom metal fabrication capabilities allow for a complete array of traditional sheet metal fabrication. This is because of our state-of-art manufacturing facility and CNC-controlled equipment. For instance, we offer shearing, bending, cutting, notching, rolling, punching and welding services. This is obviously to support our customer’s construction project needs. We Make Metal PERFORM, therefore, contact us today for your next metal project!


Custom Metal Fabrication Services

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