Screw Conveyor Design for Processors

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Screw conveyors, also called auger conveyors, are used in processing plants for conveying food products. By designing certain features into the screw conveyor system, other benefits can be obtained. These include, temperature control, mixing of products, chopping of product, metering, dispensing, and more. Long term gains in both efficiency and quality are very possible. In fact, they are happening in numerous plants for which we have designed and built screw conveyor systems.


The most obvious must-have in any sanitary screw conveyor is to provide for a fast, safe, simple wash-down. The first is to provide for a no-tool dismantle for wash down. Using hand tightening swing bolts on the end plates eliminates the need for hand tools and removable hardware. Secondly, the use of square drive components allows the drive to remain in place while removing the auger for cleaning, leaving one less thing to fool with. A third option is to build clean-outs right into the bottom of the trough. Of course, washing can be done while leaving the auger in place.

Thermal Screw Conveyors

Screw conveyors that either heat or chill the product while conveying offers huge benefits for some industries. An experienced design engineer has the knowledge to provide optimum thermal capabilities for the application. Thermal screw conveyors are currently in use in the food processing industry, specifically cheese and frozen food processors, the biofuel industry and more.

Mobile Screw Conveyors

Giving mobility to the auger is another great option for many situations. The screw conveyor may be mounted on a frame with heavy duty casters giving flexibility to processing plants.  In one case, a plant was able to reduce product change-over and wash down from six hours to less than 15 minutes per day. In short, this replaced a carousel auger system with just two of our mobile thermal screw conveyors.

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