Aluminum Welding Services at Astro

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The purchase of 2 new Fronius 320i welders machines has brought our aluminum welding services to a new level.  Our welders love welding with these new machines and our customers love the results.

New Fronius for Aluminum Welding

Aluminum Welding Services at Astro

Increased aluminum welding capabilities at Astro with Fronius 320i

While we have been offering welding aluminum services for years, welding solid bar aluminum was slower and more difficult than tubing or other metals. Producing quality welds efficiently on solid aluminum bar presents a different kind of challenge.  Our goal is to achieve a structurally sound, clean and consistent weld without spatter. And do it fast. We searched for new technology after awarded a ¾ million dollar aluminum railing project made of solid bar. However, we had a different Fronius model for previous similar projects, but still had some challenges to overcome.

Challenges with Aluminum Welding

One challenge with aluminum welding stems from the need to quickly get the aluminum up to temperature at the start of the weld. Then, deal with the heat that has built up during the weld to avoid excessive melt. This welder feeds information back to the power supply so it can make automatic adjustments in the power and feed in order to maintain a consistent and high quality weld.  The heat penetration is outstanding. Getting the heat right into where it is needed is especially useful in plug welding or spot welding. Because the new Fronius is a water cooled machine, it greatly increases the duty cycle of the gun. Administering high quality continuous welding without having to stop and letting the machine cool down, is great!

High Quality Aluminum Welds

The sum of these features on the Fronius 320i is giving us everything we need to provide high quality aluminum welding services for our customers.  It also allows us to provide highly competitive pricing on metal fabrication work. Besides aluminum, we will also use the new Fronius welding machine for stainless steel.

See our welding webpage or call us for more information about our welding services including certified welding.

welding aluminum bar

Plug Welding Aluminum with Fronius 320i


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