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Perforated metals are used in a vast array of architectural applications. These include sunscreens, column covers, railing infills, building cladding, vent covers, light covers and much more. Astro Metal Craft would like to be your partner in providing these materials and products. We will be with you for every stage in your project, from drafting to delivery. We work with experienced contractors who make sure your projects stay in budget and on time. A typical perforated metals project follows these steps:

1. Estimation

Astro provides you with a timely estimate for your project.

2. Drafting

If drafting is needed, Astro will design the layout and fabrication drawings to detail the project.

3. Samples

Astro can provide perforated metal samples in order to see exactly with the final product will look like. Architects often require samples in order to make the final determination for the specifications, and to see the quality of the work first hand.

4. Approvals

Final details of the project are agreed upon and approved by you so that the project can continue.

5. Fabrication

The materials are punched, formed, and welded to your specifications. Certified welding is provided as needed.

6. Finishing

Astro Metal Craft works with variety of qualified finishers to provide painting, anodizing, or whatever finishing is required.

7. Delivery and Installation

The materials are delivered on time. Astro partners with an installer to provide the complete package, fabricated, delivered, and installed.

8. Final Approval

Astro stays with the project to the final sign off. We are there for whatever you need, and look forward to starting the process again on your next project!

Visit our Perforated Metals or our Architectural Metals & Railings page and call us at 763-777-8087 for more information about how we can start your project today.

Perforated Aluminum Panel

This is a perforated aluminum panel sample for a parking garage project.

Perforated Metal Railing

This picture is of aluminum perforated metals panel providing for an aesthetically pleasing barrier fence. It is located at the 610 and Noble Parkway Park and Ride.


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