Cable Railings Preserves View with Modern Look

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To achieve an unobstructed view with a fresh, up-to-date look, consider a cable railing system for your balcony, stairwells and walkways. Cable railings preserves your view with that hip, modern look. Plus, they are clean, neat and sophisticated. Not to mention, structurally sound, sustainable, and a great choice for that contemporary look that will impress!

Wooden Bridge with Cable Rails

Stainless Steel Cables with galvanized Posts

Types of Cable Railings to Preserve View

Painted aluminum,  stainless steel, and galvanized steel are the most common metals used for the posts and top rails on cable railings. Our project managers are experienced at offering the best option in metal to be used for the specific application. Floor mounted posts or fascia/side mounted posts are two options. To maximize deck space, choose fascia mount posts. Options for posts include square tube and flat bar. Also, these can be accompanied with a wide array of top rail options for a fully-customized look.

Cable railing systems maintain easier snow removal than the traditional barriers and there’s virtually no requirement for periodic cleaning. These railings are much more bird-friendly than glass railing systems and are unique because of the sleek, modern look this railing style offers.

Astro’s Brand: Fastrailing

Indoor Cable Railing on Stairway

Stainless Steel Cable Railings with Wooded Top Rail

FastRailing is Astro Metal Craft & Manufacturing’s newest product currently being field tested. This is a minimalist cable railing system. It features a patented in-post fastening system for easy install and virtually invisible hardware. You can see them currently installed on balconies, decks and stairs. What’s the fully engineered, prefabricated system is available to you next summer!

Preserve Your View!

Cable rails are recommended if the view is important. They are a cost-effective option, all while being low maintenance and sustainable. This is because there is less welding, less in-fill material, and an easy installation. Certainly, consider having a great view of the golf course, woods, mountains, city, lake, and kids playing in the back yard. Even transportation departments incorporate cable rails because unobstructed view it offers, plus safety.

Each job here has a dedicated project manager who works closely with the customer and the shop to ensure timely and accurate product deliveries. Indeed, our customer service awards testify to that! The knowledge and experience of our project managers provide problem solving and solutions to complex-scope projects others won’t do! Hence, contact Astro today for more information or to get a quote!


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