Spiral Chutes for Food Processing

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Spiral Chutes for Food Processing

For food processors looking to lower their food product to a level below in a rapid, yet controlled manner eliminating dust and breakage, a spiral let-down chute for food processing can be an excellent option. There are no moving parts, no motors, and no electricity. Plus, no wearing out of equipment when employing a spiral let-down chute to lower a food product. These chutes are especially useful for foods with small dry pieces, such as crackers, pastas, cereals, and more.

Spiral Chute Conveyor

This chute is made of stainless steel. It is inside the bin, which is being filled with the food product, pasta in this case. Spill-over can occur as a bin is being filled. This happens when product begins to back-up the chute as the bin begins filling. This spiral shown is designed for any spill-over to fall inside of the spiral for a gentler landing. There are load cells on the feet of the bin so that the weight/volume of product in the bin is available. There is also a slide gate at the bottom of the bin to allow the product to move to the next station. These features and more are all designed into the chute for optimizing operations and bringing value to the food processor.

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