Why is Certified Welding Important?

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What is the number one reason you should always choose a fabricator who uses certified welders? The satisfaction of knowing your project will be structurally sound. For that reason certified welding is important.

non-certified weld example

Non-Certified Weld Example

AWS Certified Welding

We have all seen examples of poorly executed weld jobs, but what if that project is attached to your bottom line?
It becomes not very funny, very quickly.

Maximize confidence in the quality of your project. Thus, work with fabrication shops with welders who are certified to the standards put forth by the American Welding Society (AWS).

The AWS certifications set industry standards that is to help meet and maintain compliance to many project regulations. Certifications are built around the processes for different weld-types. Then, welders are certified on those unique processes. Welders who have passed these certifications will have uniform outcomes, are knowledgeable about what can go wrong and why, and have proven that they have the skills to ensure good, secure welds. Even if your project does not call for certified weld processes, you will still benefit from having experienced, certified welders on the job.

Welding Inspector

welder welding

Certified Welding

Astro Metal Craft takes pride in the fact that our welders cover all levels of certification in aluminum, stainless, and mild steel. What’s more, our customers are satisfied knowing their project is well-made, tested, and trustworthy. If your next project happens to call for a process we are not yet certified in, we work with our Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) to certify the processes and test our welders to those standards. Nonetheless, we don’t want projects leaving our shop without being 100% confident in the quality of our work.

Keys to Weld Quality:

  • Engineered weld joint meets load requirements
  • Communicate project details using prints with universal weld symbols
  • Specify each weld joint using a validated procedure
  • Welder is qualified to perform weld based on their ability to pass a weld test
  • The weld uses certified consumables
  • Inspect every weld

To learn more about the processes and equipment our welders use, click here. So, the next time you need a weld-job done right, please don’t hesitate to call us.

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