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Metal fabrication is an essential part of production across several MN industries. These include agriculture, food processing, chemical production, and manufacturing. Certainly, Astro Metal Craft aims to provide lean, efficient, and reliable metal fabrication services across many different industries throughout the state.

Here are just a few of the things we can provide for your company:

Metal Fabrication MN Project

Reliable Expertise

We think knowing the ins-and-outs of our industry is the most important way to be reliable metal fabrication. The staff at Astro Metal Craft are your aluminum and stainless steel experts in Minnesota. With over 30 years of experience, our employees know what metal works best in what application, and will apply their expertise to every aspect of your project.

Reliable Experience

Experienced staff is an essential requirement for a good fabrication service provider. You will find that Astro Metal Craft, which has been in operation since the mid 1980’s, hires only qualified staff.  We know that mistakes in fabrication are not only detrimental, but expensive to repair and delay operations. Of course, we want your project to be done right the first time. Meanwhile, we have the experience to know how to avoid mistakes.

Reliable Customer Service

Core Values in Metal Fabrication MN

Any company you work with should display strong customer service at every level, from initial inquiries to all follow-up communications. You should expect no less from a fabrication service because understanding your custom business needs in crucial. We strive to wow our customers, both internal and external, and know that customer service is an essential part of every project.

Reliable Project Managers

One essential part of good customer service is preventing customers from having to contact several people to get the information they require. This can be frustrating, and sometimes cause them to receive false information about their job. By assigning a specific project manager to each job, and offering them as the first point of contact to the customer, we ensure quick and easy communication and an exchange of up-to-date, verified information.

Time in Metal Fabrication MN

Reliable, Short Turnarounds

We understand that speed is critical in manufacturing. You need your metal fabrication finished on schedule to prevent costly slow downs over the rest of your project. By using lean, efficient manufacturing methods, and performing all work on-site, we ensure that our turnaround times are as short as possible so your project delivers on time.

As you can see, Astro Metal Craft and Manufacturing is ready to handle your next metal fabrication project in MN.

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