OEM Metal Components and Parts

Astro Metal Craft is a leading provider of original equipment manufacturers (OEM) components and parts. It’s important to us to provide our customers with value-added engineering services to reduce costs. Furthermore, the rapid prototyping services we offer ensure quality and proof of concept before moving to full scale production.

Collaborative Design

Notably, we are an OEM contract manufacturer that provides collaborative design services. We assist in the design to produce metal parts based on your specifications.  Thus, our customers enjoy the benefits of best OEM components at best prices. This is because our experienced staff can recommend design for fabrication detail, material grade, and best finish for the application.

OEM Metal Fabrication

Astro’s flexibility allows for high volume complex OEM fabrication as well as low volume production orders. Custom OEMs include components, parts, subassemblies, and weldments. Hence, metals we fabricate are aluminum, stainless, and mild steel.

High Quality OEM Metal Components and Parts

Astro’s OEM equipment fabrication is backed by quality, expertise, pride, respect and having a lean mindset. Additionally, we’ve used our 30 plus years of experience to become a welding, machining, and fabrication resource that yields the time and cost savings every project can benefit from.

About Astro

Astro’s fabricating expertise includes cutting, formingcertified welding, machining, and assembly. Thus, Astro’s proficiency and competency in perforating metal means our customers get their metal fabrication projects completed in one location. For these reasons, we are the go-to fab shop for many when it comes to custom industrial perforated metal. Nevertheless, call us today at 763-777-8087 for your next project!

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