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Metal Fabrication 350 ton Press Brake

New press brake arrives at Astro


Exciting news from Astro as our new 350 ton PRESS BRAKE has arrived!  We are thrilled to be adding this stellar piece of equipment to our shop.  It is increasing our forming capabilities and our overall metal fabricating capabilities. 

Just 2 days after arriving on the truck, we are already putting the new press brake to work on forming ½ thick plate steel.  It’s using about 150 tons for this job, so you can see there is still 200 ton capacity available for bending thicker or longer metal.


Metal Fabrication - Setting up

Setting up

The Role of a Press Brake in Metal Fabrication

The ability to bend to bend thicker and longer pieces (up to 14 feet) of metal in house.   Both our architectural and industrial equipment clients cam reap benefits here.  We are excited about the increase in capability we offer in metal fabrication, along with the increased safety features of this machine. 

Metal forming, or bending, is one of the integral components of sheet metal fabrication.  Fabrication often begins with laser cutting or punching, followed by forming, then welding. Machining usually takes place just before or after welding, and sometimes both.  The more components that can be formed as opposed to welded greatly increases output efficiency of the fabrication process.  Decisions as to whether parts are formed or welded are made at the engineering, drafting, and design stages.  This is one area we pay close attention during the design process to be able to reduce cost and increase quality. 

If you have a need for these metal fabrication services, we’d love a chance to talk to you.  Give us a call today.  

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