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Astro Metal Craft is a manufacturer of spiral chutes. We perform many services to aid several different industries with bulk material handling. In fact, food processing is one of the industries for which we build a lot of equipment. This industry requires equipment fabricated of stainless steel with a food grade finish.  For industries other than food, a lower cost carbon steel works great. Spiral chutes are a particularly popular product that we have been custom producing for over 10 years.

Functions of a Spiral Chute

A spiral chute is an often-overlooked component in a food production line but one that performs a highly necessary function. Spiral chutes lower food products gently from one level of a machine down to another. This is done without breaking or damaging them. They provide a ‘hands off’ operation to ensure that products are handled properly without the need to hire someone full time to perform the task or perform quality control. Several benefits of spiral chutes including no moving parts, little to no maintenance, a small footprint, sturdy construction, and customization to space.

Uses of Spiral Chutes

Practically any industry or application that requires safe movement of goods or materials can find use from a professionally manufactured spiral chute.

  • Biofuel
  • Chemical production
  • Agriculture
  • Wood pulp
  • Food Processing

Why Astro Metal Craft?

Our business is built on delivering quality results. This accomplished by the best possible equipment and trained staff. We specialize in working with the more difficult metals such as stainless steel and aluminum. We also take measures to help customers save as much time and money as possible and get the greatest value from our services. This includes combining several services into one and using cost saving measures while still improving overall quality. Not to mention impeccable customer service.

We are proud to make all of our products right here in the USA. By choosing a local manufacturer of spiral chutes, you support the local economy. Moreover, you support American industrial workers. Plus, receive your products in less time than waiting for international delivery.

If your operation needs a spiral chute or any other essential parts, call us for a custom-made chute manufactured to the highest industry standard. In addition, come on out to our location to sample our spiral gravity chutes!



  • Raw and roasted coffee beans
  • Peanuts, cashews, nuts & seeds
  • Fertilizer
  • Packages
  • Snacks & candy
  • Crackers & cookies
  • Dry pasta
  • Cereals
  • Grains
  • Frozen prepared foods, i.e. frozen burgers
  • Pet food & animal treats
  • Airport baggage handling
  • Parcel handling

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