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Aluminum is an ideal metal to use in any type of commercial or residential construction. It is naturally corrosion resistant, rusting much more slowly than ferrous metals, particularly if finished prior to installation through anodization or the application of another form of protective coating. However, sheets of aluminum used for fencing, rails or architectural elements can be rather plain and uninspiring. This is why many designers and architects are turning to the use of perforated aluminum panels.

At Astro Metal Craft & Manufacturing, we have been working with contractors and architects for 30 years to supply customized perforated panels. We perforate many different types of metals including stainless steel, brass, and copper. However, aluminum is typically the metal of choice.

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Privacy Screens

Perforated panels from Astro make terrific patio or balcony privacy screens. The perforationa make the panels lighter in weigh. This, in turn,  allows wind to pass through, but still creates enough of a divide to separate you from neighbors or passers-by. It is important to consider the amount of visibility desired for the specific type of perforated aluminum panels you choose. With a larger perforation and more perforations per square foot, the overall aesthetics of the panel will be an airier, more open look.

The size of the perforation will also play a factor, as larger perforations will naturally allow increased visibility. When more privacy is desired, a pattern utilizing very small perforations still lets in light, but provides a more solid overall look and decrease visibility.

Fences and Railings

Perforated aluminum panels are finding their way into many new construction projects in the form of courtyard fencing and balcony railings. They make a trendy and attractive option where traditional chain link or grid wire would be too plain and boring. Urban condominiums are a common place to find these panels. This is because they provide a modern look to compliment contemporary design features. These panels are also used to complete commercial fences and railings for outdoor walkways throughout an entire complex.

Entryways and Wind Screens

Our perforated aluminum panels make perfect framing for entryways into buildings. Whether you want to shield your visitors from the elements or simply provide an inviting portal surrounding your business’s doorway, these panels are a perfect choice. Commonly used in hospitals, clinics, and restaurants, perforated aluminum panels surrounding an entryway can contribute to a more modern and futuristic look.

Shape of Perforations

With our advanced CNC punching machine, we are able to offer a wide variety of perforation configurations. We can create custom repeating patterns of perforations of all different sizes and shapes throughout the panel. Our TruPunch machines develop interesting irregular patterns. Just let us know your ideas and we can translate them into beautiful and practical aluminum panels.

We have extensive experience working with designers to develop unique combinations of shapes and patterns. For both one of a kind custom designs, or hundreds of perfectly identical perforated aluminum panels, we can create a solution to suit the need of any project, no matter the size.

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