Architectural Metal Panels

Metal Panels are widely used in a many types of building projects for a variety of purposes.  They are protective, maintenance free, long lasting, and decorative. We have a series of pre-designed panel and fencing options complete with specifications and BIM models.  See our StellarCraft page for more information.

Applications and Uses

Uses: Building exteriors, facades, rainscreens, fencing, infill panels for guardrails, screening, sunshades,  security panels over windows, ceiling panels, rooftop screening, outdoor enclosures, canopies.

Types: Perforated metal, laser cut, formed (bent) metal, solid sheet metal, wire mesh, aluminum, composite, weathering steel, Stainless steel, Coated steel

Perforated panels are especially good when airflow and shade is desired. Mounting brackets, framing, or forming of the metal sheets is a part of metal panel production

We also work with architects, designers, and builders to provide solutions for attractive and functional designs complete with mounting systems.  We provide guidance and recommendations on material and finish selections for their specific application.

Fabrication is done at our shop in Hanover.  This gives us control over quality and schedule to meet our clients’ needs. Additionally, we can provide installation as desired through one of the several installers we routinely work with.

Astro’s combination of machinery and expertise allows us to offer custom architectural metal panels in a wide variety of options and applications. From perforation and forming to laser cutting and welding, we understand the importance of the decorative and functional aspects that architects bring to each project. We provide in-house 3-D CAD design in SolidWorks to provide accurate models.

Scope of Work

  • Trumpf TruPunch 5000 & 3000
    • Punching up to 12′ x 5′ sized sheets – thickness 24 to .25 gauge
    • Custom Margins
    • Cluster Punching, Slitting, Slotting,Tapping, Louvers, Embossing, Countersinking
  • CNC Mazak Laser
    • Auto Load/Unload System
    • 1/2″ Carbon Steel
    • 1/4″ Stainless Steel
    • 3/16″ Aluminum
  • Welding
    • Certified Welding in TIG & MIG
    • Miller (9)
    • Fronius (4)
    • Spot – Resistance Welding (2)
  • And More!

Past Projects

  • Cut and formed panels for retail display
  • Perforated panels and posts for parking ramps
  • Radiator enclosures
  • Decorative infill railing panels
  • Screen panels
  • Grilles and grates
  • Stair treads
  • Sunscreens and awnings

Where We’ve Worked

  • Parking facilities
  • Retail establishments
  • Airports
  • Transit facilities
  • Large commercial buildings

Be sure to check out our Architectural Metal Panels Gallery and other Metal Panel pages for some terrific ideas.

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