Perforated Aluminum Balcony Railings

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Many architects, designers, and contractors prefer perforated aluminum balcony railings for their guardrail system. Perforated aluminum combines a range of properties, including transparency, strength, rigidity, lightweight, and aesthetics. There are a variety of finishes, colors, and designs to consider when fabricating perforated aluminum balcony railings.

Why Perforated Aluminum Balcony Railings?

Consider perforated panels when weight, security, airflow, visibility, noise and aesthetics are imperative. Perforations can greatly reduce the weight of panels, but still offer a sense of security. These panels create a division of space for privacy, while still providing translucence. In addition to regulating ventilation, noise, shade, and visibility, perforated panels offer a modern aesthetic tone. Today’s perforated designs offer beautification while addressing growing concerns with privacy and security.

Why Aluminum?

Aluminum is most popular in perforated balcony railings because it is economical, lightweight, strong, and it naturally prevents rusting. Aluminum outperforms other materials because of its strength-to-weight ratio. Even though it is a third the weight of steel, it still hones very high strength. Besides being durable, aluminum is easy to clean, environmentally friendly, counteracts corrosion, resists abrasions, and has a long service life. This is especially important in climates prone to ice, snow and other wintery elements. This is because the strength in aluminum actually increases while retaining ductility in subzero temperatures.

What Design?

Depending on your provisions, Astro can provide a wide range of punched pattern formations. Whether you want simple or decorative, we offer an assortment of designs, style and patterns. Our sophisticated machines punch holes in sheet metal to transform it to exact specifications to perfectly customize your project. We offer standard straight-line designs as well as staggered. Accordingly, we can perforate varying size holes to give the look, feel and functionality you’re looking for.

What Other Applications?

Perforated aluminum panels are also used in staircases, stairwells, fences, gates, rain screens, grilles, acoustical wall panels, ceiling panels, wall facades, building envelopes, and more. They are chosen in public areas because of low maintenance and the prevention of accidental falls. These railings are standard in schools, factories, galleries, museums, libraries, apartments, condominiums, malls, parking garages, sporting arenas, etc.  As you can see, perforated metal panels have unlimited uses in unlimited places!

What Finishes?

A good finish improves performance in resisting corrosion, formability, and aesthetics in perforated aluminum balcony railings. Therefore, Astro recommends anodizing, 70% PVDF resin-based coatings, and powder coating.

Anodizing is an electrochemical process that replicates naturally occurring oxidation by providing a protective “metallic” film on the aluminum surface. An anodized finish increases resistance to corrosion, wear and tear. It is relatively inexpensive, non-toxic, chemically stable, and is heat-resistant to the melting point of aluminum. However, architectural anodize finishes are limited to certain colors.

High-performance 70% PVDF coatings (polyvinylidene fluoride), also known as Kynar 500®, is a resin-based liquid coating system. It has extreme weathering and chemical resistance, a high dielectric strength, and is non-reactive. It also retains its color over an extensive period of time. PVDF coating is common in curtain walls and building facades that need high durability and resistance to chalking. Not to mention, ultraviolet deterioration. This finish is typically more costly than anodizing, however, plentiful colors to choose from.

Powder Coating is a process when electrostatically charged powder is sprayed on aluminum, then cured under heat. This forms a remarkable coat.  This coat (or finish) is durable and is available in a wide variety of colors and textures. Powder coating produces almost no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and is considered environmentally safe. Plus, applying it doesn’t create harmful fumes or contribute to air pollution.

Why Astro for Perforated Aluminum Balcony Railings?

Astro Metal Craft provides collaborative design in meeting performance specification and aesthetic objectives. We value a customer-centric approach with a defined schedule and set of deliverables. Our highly experienced project managers value continuous interaction with stakeholders in assisting your design. We look for ways for you to reduce costs while still meeting your specific needs. We also believe you will enjoy years of satisfaction and splendor with our high-quality perforated aluminum balcony railings!

Perforated Aluminum Balcony Railings

Powder Coated Perforated Aluminum

Perforated Aluminum Balcony Railings

Apartment Complex with Perforated Aluminum Balcony Railings

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