Uses for Decorative Metal Panels

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In a world where building facades are starting to look the same around every street corner, it is easy to see the need for cool and unique architectural products that break up the mundane looks in our cities. At Astro Metal Craft we saw the need for fresh metal panels and railings. We are proud to offer customizable decorative panels through our Stellarcraft line. These decorative panels can liven any building, parking garage, railing or other architectural projects.  



But what are the other uses and benefits of decorative panels aside from aesthetics?  

Uses of Stellarcraft Decorative Metal Panels:  

  • Parking Garages 
  • Building Facades 
  • Enclosures  
  • Ceiling Panels  
  • Handrails  
  • Garden Walkways and Fencing 
  • Exterior Screens 
  • Rainscreens or Awnings  
  • Room Dividers / Privacy Screens 


Benefits of Stellarcraft Metal Panels:  

  • Unique Designs

    At Astro our decorative panels are customizable to a wide variety of shapes and sizes. This can include designs such as:

    • Circles
    • Squares
    • Diamonds
    • Crosses
    • Herring bone
    • Slotted
    • Honeycomb
    • Etc. 

Our process allows us to create beautiful custom designs at a competitive price point to enhance any project you may be working on. 

  • Ventilation

    Airflow and drainage are often features many architects need to spec in their designs. With our customizable process, designers are able to regulate the sizes of the punches in our panels to allow the perfect amount of ventilation needed for your project. 

  • Visual Openness and Security

    Many architectural projects require elements to regulate light. This can be for visual effects or for safety reasons. Our customizable options give you the freedom to change the widths and spacing between punches with ease. This option can give the illusion of transparency from a distance while still creating a sense of security for a building or parking garage. 

  • Durability

    We use high-grade, low-maintenance materials in our panels that are both aesthetically pleasing and can last a long time. They also have a high load-bearing capacity for projects requiring those standards. Materials can include:

    • Aluminum
    • Stainless steel
    • Galvanized steel
    • Brass
    • Copper
  • Sound Diffusion

    Our decorative panels are easy to install. They also have the ability to be fitted with sound diffusing materials so they can be used in indoor spaces such as offices or studios.

  • Finishes

    Creating panels that are low-maintenance, easy to clean, and are built to withstand the harshest environments are important to us at Astro. We offer a variety of finishes on our Stellarcraft decorative panels. From bare metal to patina and powder-coats, our decorative panels will not only look amazing, but also stand the test of time. 

  • Sustainability

    As the architectural and building industries turn to finding products that are environmentally friendly, its important to have design elements that are sustainable and energy efficient. Our Stellarcraft panels are recyclable and consumer fewer resources, all while providing the functionality that you want. 

When you are working on your next project and are in need of panels that are functional, practical, and beautiful, consider our line of Stellarcraft custom decorative panels.  

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