New Saw for Metal Fabrication!

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Astro is pleased to announce the purchase of our new metal cutting Marvel 380 PCS Band saw. This purchase continues to advance our ability to produce quality metal fabrication for our clients by achieving even higher efficiency and reducing lead time!

Cuts Tube and Bar Stock 

Our new high-speed band saw cuts tube and bar stock for both our architectural and industrial equipment projects. Since the tilting column allows miter cutting up to 60° left and right, this reduces lead time for the industrial machine frames.  The precision the band saw provides allows for variability for angled cuts.

Outdoor railings often follow an uneven grade and require a variety of angled cuts on the pickets. With this new equipment, there are no more gaps to fill or pre-grinding of the bar! The blade speed (60 to 400 fpm) and feed pressure can be automatically set according to material type. This allows for optimal cutting performance of our quality metal fabrication.

Touch Screen Control

Our team in the shop is very excited about using the new equipment that comes with a programmable, 9″ color-touch screen control. They are eager to start the next project and to see the results! To be able to program in such a defined angle on each end of the tubing with the precise length designated on the print, is pretty impressive.This singular band saw replaces the space of two older saws. The team in the shop is happy to free up valuable shop floor space.


Other Features for Quality Metal Fabrication

We love the special features: jammed blade protection (guards against blade damage); hydraulically controlled blade tension; a built-in coolant system; flushing hose (for faster clean-up time); electronically driven bar feed (with direct positioning feedback); standard left-to-right work entry (doesn’t matter if you’re right or left-handed); etc. We can’t get enough of this amazing saw!



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