Green Line of Minneapolis

Creating the railings for the Metro Green Line in Minneapolis was a two million dollar project. Therefore, this was one of the largest Astro has taken on. A stainless steel railings project of this size was a test in organization, planning, and execution.

As a result, we went through a comprehensive approval process. This process consisted of examining roughly 10,000 feet of stainless steel railings, guard rail panels, and carbon steel picket style fences, along with many other custom metal add-ons. One of these custom metal add-ons (included leveling ties) was used to set and hold the embedded track in place before the concrete was poured. On that account, the ties were designed to fit the architect’s specifications. We went through an extensive approval process before it was accepted and the job was awarded.

Scope of Work

  • 4,500 feet – 316 grade SS cable railing, brushed finish
  • 2,500 feet – 7 types of SS guard rail panels, woven wire infills, 486 total rails
  • 2,900 feet – Heavy gauge, commercial, picket style carbon steel fences
  • Bollards
  • Bench and seat plates
  • U of M sign and fence
  • 10,000 leveling gauge ties to hold embedded track before concrete is placed

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