The Thermoveyor | Screw Conveyor | Heats or Chills

Asto Engineering has created a thermal screw conveyor that will allow food processors to become even more efficient. The Thermoveyor is a screw conveyor that has the ability to regulate the temperature of the screw, trough, or both.

Efficiency is Key

Our Thermoveyor was conceived out of the obstacles that food processors have to deal with everyday. Having created many customized screw conveyors for our food and chemical processor clients, we knew the daily struggles they went through when using a non-thermal conveyor. We realized when you heat or chill your product accordingly, you get the added benefit of easier moving and less spillage, which results in lower production cost. Thus, the Thermoveyor was created.

Whether it’s heating cheese for easier conveying or chilling fruits to keep them fresh, The Thermoveyor will give you that extra edge in efficiency. The heating and cooling methods we use are water, oil, and steam.

Built to Last

The Thermoveyor has a 304 grade stainless steel frame with a 2B food grade finish and heavy duty castors. This makes moving and tilting the screw conveyor effortless when fitting it to your equipment already in place. With no-tool dismantle, washing The Thermoveyor is just as easy as using it. Click here for a printable PDF.

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Scope of Work

  • All conveyors built at our site
  • Built with modern CNC fabrication equipment and welders
  • Assembled by highly skilled professionals
  • Work directly with engineers to get exactly what you’re looking for

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