Screw Conveyors | Biofuel Industry

Astro designs and builds screw conveyors systems for those in the biofuel industry. There are many different configurations of equipment and a variety of requirements for these systems when dealing with gasification from biomass. Our auger conveyors are designed and built for high temperature operation, variable speed, and dust containment as required. The exit augers remove heat from the char as it moves away from the reactor toward disposal. Above all, our clients have been very satisfied with our ability to design and build both the feeder augers and the unloading augers complete with motors and all the features they desire.

Options Astro can provide in building your custom screw conveyor:

  • Moving the hot char as it exits the reactor
  • Disposing ash or char in an effective manner
  • Cooling augers to remove heat from the ash
  • Design for high temperature operation
  • Low or high volume output
  • Low or no dust output
  • High temperature seals
  • Custom designed inlets and outlets, including gate options for multiple location outlets
  • Designing and building diverters, incline tube screw conveyors, and other custom steel conveying equipment
  • Working closely with our clients to gather the needs and present realistic working solutions

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