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The design and manufacture of specialized stainless steel auger conveyors for the food and other processing industries is an area in which we excel. Manufacturing of chilled or heated augers is one type of specialization we provide, and it has proven to be a big advantage in the food processing industry. We have been manufacturing heated auger systems for cheese manufacturers which has dramatically improved their processes. For frozen food manufacturers, we have built chilled auger conveyors to aid in keeping the food in a semi-frozen state. We now offer as a standard product, “The Thermoveyor,” for use in food processing plants. These are all built to order and the chutes as well as other features can be altered to fit your situation.

No-tool dismantling for easy cleanout is another feature Astro has provided for its food processing clients. Down time is costly in the food processing plant, and can be reduced when the dismantling and cleaning procedure is simple and fast. Regulating the temperature in either the screw or the trough, or both, along with the ability for the auger to mix the product and meter the output are features used by our food processor customers. These features aid in both providing a safe food product as well as energy savings in less refreezing of the food product. The shape and placement of the inlet and outlet chutes for transitioning with other equipment are additional essential elements to plan for in the design phase.

Scope of Work

  • Most auger systems are built with 304 grade stainless steel
  • Inlets and outlets custom designed to work with your installed equipment
  • We design spiral chutes and other features to accommodate your equipment
  • We offer food grade finishes
  • Heated and chilled auger systems (The Thermoveyor)

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